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Online Student Registration - Overview of Screens

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Acceptable Proofs of Residency:

The two (2) proofs of residency MUST BE  two of the following: 

  1. IF RENTING/LEASING: Current official home/apartment lease/rental agreement with length of lease and Parent's or Guardian's name included on lease/rental agreement (THIS MUST BE ONE OF THE PROOFS IF LEASING OR RENTING and one of the following #3-#6)
  2. Filed Homestead Exemption application form OR Current mortgage document or property deed 
  3. Valid driver's license OR voter identification card 
  4. Current utility bill (dated within 60 days) showing the service location with parent's or guardian's name listed - Acceptable bills: electricity, gas, water, or landline telephone 
  5. Automobile Registration receipt 
  6. Any other document that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the parent or guardian   resides within the school district, and in the case of a student living with a legal guardian who is a bona-fide resident of the school district. (Official government documentation - i.e. current tax year return, social security statement, DHS statement, etc.)   



In addition to two (2) proofs of residency, the verified resident must provide copy of the Property Tax Card, Property Deed, or other document that states the residency property's Section, Township, and Range. 

  • Legal guardian(s) must also provide a copy of the court order appointing guardianship. If a petition for guardianship has been filed and the decree is pending, a certified copy of the filed petition for guardianship must be provided.
  • If residency is questioned any time throughout the year, the parent/guardian will be required to provide a third proof of residency.
  • The parent or legal guardian of a NEW student to the district who cannot provide 2 proofs of residency due to circumstances beyond their control, may request a 30-day TEMPORARY admission to school from the Superintendent's office, which will allow them 30 days to become compliant with residency requirements. If 2 proofs of residency cannot be provided at the end of thirty days, the student will no longer be allowed to attend Neshoba County School District.