NCSD High School Staff

Jason B Gentry

NCHS Principal

Hello! I'm Mr. Gentry, I have 28 years experience in education with th...

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LaShon Horne

NCHS Assistant Principal

Hello! I'm Mr. Horne, I have 24 years of educational experience. I ...

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Brent Pouncey

NCHS Assistant Principal

Hello! I'm Mr. Pouncey, My name is Brent Pouncey and I am a 3rd generation ...

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Jonathan Walker

Assistant Principal

Hello! I'm Mr. Walker, I have 10 total years of teaching experien...

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Madison Edwards

NCHS Student Counselor(L-Z)

I have 10 years experience as a school counselor an I am beginning my 5th yea...

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Rebecca Hayman

Guidance Counselor (A-K)

Hello, I'm Mrs. Hayman! I have 18 total years in education and this will be...

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Juliana Pope

NCHS Records Clerk

Hello! I'm Mrs. Pope, I am a 2006 high school graduate from Neshoba Central...

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Amanda Beckham

NCHS Attendance Clerk

Hello Rockets, my name is Amanda Beckham! I am a 1997 graduate of Philadelphia High ...

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Misty Holland

NCHS Nurse

Hello! I'm Mrs. Holland, I am a 2001 high school graduate from West Lauderd...

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Trish Bennett

NCHS Receptionist

Hello! I'm Mrs. Bennett, I am married to Michael Bennett and we have one da...

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Laura Adams

HS Cafeteria Worker

Richelle Alexander

Special Education Teacher Assistant

Hello! I'm Ms. Alexander,  I have 18 Total Years of Experience, 14 at Union...

Brian Anderson

Drivers Education Instructor/Assistant FB/Powerlifting Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Anderson, I am entering my 28th year of teaching and ...

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Sedera Anderson

Engineering & Robotics Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Anderson, I am Sedera Anderson and I currently teach Engine...

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Ryan Bays

College and Career Readiness

Curtis Blackburn

American Government/Asst. Football Coach/Track Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Blackburn, I am beginning year number 4 at Nesho...

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Samuel Blaine

Social Studies Instructor/Assistant Volleyball/Assistant Fast Pitch Softball

Joey Blount

Algebra III Instructor/Bowling Coach

Hello! I'm Mr. Blount, Joey Blount 33 years in education.  I have...

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Angela Boatner

Spanish I/General Music Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Boatner! I have 12 years of educational experience and this...

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Ashley Boatner

Dual Credit College Algebra & Trigonometry/Algebra I/ACT Prep

Hello! I'm Mrs. Boatner, I am beginning my 5th year in education with this ...

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Angela Bobo

Algebra II/ Essentials of Math Instructor/Dance Team Sponsor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Angie Spears Bobo I currently teach Algebra II and Essentia...

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Maribeth Boland

Foundations of Biology/Zoology Teacher

Hello! I'm Mrs. Boland,  

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Richard Boykin

General Music/DC Music Appreciation/MS Chorus Instructor

Hello! I'm Mr. Boykin, I am a 1984 graduate of Sebastopol Attendance Center...

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Angela Breland

Advance Placement English III/English III Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Breland! I have a total of 26 years experience in education...

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Jason Broom

P.E. Teacher/Head Girls BB Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Broom, I have a total of 19 years experience in ...

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Shannon Broom

Digital Media Technology II Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Broom,  I am beginning my 19th year in education and my&nbs...

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Michael Bulloch

Naval Science JROTC INstructor

Hello! I'm Chief Bulloch, I am a Florida native and was born in Orlando. Af...

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Joshua Burton

Project Search Instructor

Hello! I'm Mr. Burton,   I am married to April. We have four childr...

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Johnny Carothers

HS Custodian

Justin Childs

Teacher/Head Boys Basketball Coach/Track

Lynell Coleman

NCHS Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Lynell Coleman. I am beginning my 2nd year at NCHS. I am a native of ...

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Tonya Collins

HS Cafeteria Worker

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Allison Cook

Biology/Dual Credit Microbiology/Anatomy Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Cook, I have 5 years of experience teaching, with 4 ye...

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Brooke Cook

English I/English II Teacher

Hello! I'm Mrs. Cook,

Patrick Cook

Engineering I/Chemistry/Physics Instructor

Hello! I'm Mr. Cook, I currently have a total of 15 years of experienc...

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Joel Cosgrove

Asst. Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Cosgrove,

Carla Deweese

Foundations of Algebra/Algebra I Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Deweese,  This will be my 17th year of teaching experience ...

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Nancy Duran

Spanish I/II/III Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Duran, I have 21 years in Education with 12 years...

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Raye Carol Eakes

Student Services

Hello! I'm Mrs. Eakes, I am married to Dobie Eakes of the East Neshoba Comm...

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Libby Eldridge

Librarian/Media Specialist

Hello! I'm Ms. Eldridge, I have 31 years of education experience and this w...

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Melanie Eubanks

Family and Consumer Science Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Eubanks, I have 19  years of experience as a teacher, w...

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Anne Fisackerly

Dual Credit English Composition I & II/Creative Writing Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Fisackerly!  

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Kimberly Fisher

AlgebraI/ Algebra II Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Fisher, I have 28 years of educational experience overall, ...

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Billie Jean Fulton

DC American History/U.S. History Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Fulton,   

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Kip Fulton

Health Instructor/Asst. Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Fulton, I have 6 years of teaching experience with 4 ...

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Dawn Garrett

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Garrett, I have 30 years of educational experience and ...

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Kelly Gillis

English I/ Oral CommunicationsInstructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Gillis, I have a total of 6 years of educational exper...

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Haley Goolsby

Biology/Physical Science Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Goolsby,  I have been teaching for seven years and I h...

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Jessica Griffin

Foundations of Algebra/Algebra I Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Griffin, I am beginning my 16th year in education with...

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Candi Hall

American Government/AP World History Teacher

Hello! I'm Mrs. Hall, This is my 19th year teaching in public education and...

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Amanda Hallford

HS Cafeteria Worker

Hillary Hancock

English III/Dual Credit World Literature/Creative Writing & MS Writers Instructor

Hello, I'm Mrs. Hancock, I have 22 years of educational experience and will...

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Muriel Hill

HS Custodian

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Shea Hodges

Special Educator Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Hodges,

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Regina Holdiness

SREB Literacy Teacher

Greetings! My name is Regina Holdiness, and I am thrilled to say this is my thirtenth y...

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David Huffman

Physical Education/Head MS FB/Asst. HS FB

Hello! I'm Coach Huffman, I am beginning my 19th year in education. &n...

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Jacob Johnson

Marine & Aquatics I & II Instructor/Asst. FB Coach/Head Boys Powerlifting

Hello! I'm Coach Johnson, I have 8 years of teaching experience with&n...

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Jonathan Jones

P.E. Instructor/Head Baseball/Asst. Athletic Director

Hello! I'm Coach Jones, I have a Total of 24 years experience in ...

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Paul Jones

NCHS Technology

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Regan Kieff

Naval Science NJROTC Instructor

Hello! I'm Captain Kieff, Captain Kieff was born on 23 April 1975 in Raceland, L...

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Kimberly Kilpatrick

Art Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Kilpatrick, I've been teaching for 22 years. ...

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Kristen Kirkland

World History/American Democracy/Entrepreneurship Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Kirkland, I have 16 years of education experience and I...

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Lisa Knight

Biology /Anatomy Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Knight, I have 21 total Years of experience with 16&nb...

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Angie Long

HS Cafeteria Worker

Jacob Luke

World History/American Democracy/Instructor

Hello! I'm Mr. Luke, I have eight years of educational experience, and I am...

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Leigh Carol Marshall

ACT Prep Instructor/Yearbook Sponsor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Marshall,

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Amanda May

HS Asst. Band Director

Hello, I'm Mrs. May, I am currently starting  my 20th year of teaching at N...

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Tommy McCool

Drivers Education Instructor/Golf Coach

Hello! I'm Coach McCool,

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Misti McDaniel

Biology/Dual Credit Biology Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. McDaniel, I have 13 years of educational experience at ...

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Bridgette McFarland

Digital Media Technology I Instructor

Helllo, I am Ms. McFarland. I am beginning my 6th year in education and my 4th yea...

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Nikki Morrow

College and Career Readiness Instructor & Cheer Sponsor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Morrow, My name is Nikki Morrow and I will be teaching Coll...

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Demarko Morse

HS Custodian

Josh Pankey

US History/American Democracy Instructor

Hello! I'm Mr. Pankey, I have a total of 11 years educational experience an...

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Judy Pettey

NCHS Cafeteria Manager

Jason Taylor Petty

Economics Instructor/Asst. Softball

Hello! I'm Coach Petty, I have 13 years of experience as a coach and teache...

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Kimberly Price

English II Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Price, I have a total of 24 years teaching experience ...

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Katilin Rigdon

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Rigdon,

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Shannon Ruffin

P.E. Teacher/Asst. FB Coordinator/Asst. Basketball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Ruffin, I have been teaching and coaching for 21&nbsp...

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Zachary Sanders

PE Instructor/Head Softball/Head Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Sanders, I have 22 total years of teaching and coachi...

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Cynthia Savell

HS Cafeteria Worker

Patrick Schoolar

P.E. Instructor/Head FB Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Schoolar,

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Nathan Sistrunk

Agriculture & Natural Resources Teacher

Hello! I'm Mr. Sistrunk, I am a 2001 graduate of Neshoba Central HIgh Schoo...

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Diane Smith

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Smith,  

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Wendy J Smith

English I Teacher

Hello, I'm Mrs. Smith!    

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Alan Stewart

HS Custodian

Victor Stewart

HS Custodian

Will Stewart

Social Studies Instructor/Cross Country Coach/Boys Soccer Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Stewart

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Lee Ann Stroud

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Stroud, I have a total of 18 years of educational exper...

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Kimberly Thompson

HS Teacher Assistant

Hello! I'm Mrs. Thompson, I have over 21 years in education in the pre...

Mallory Thompson

Geometry Instructor

Hello! I'm Ms. Thompson,  

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Sharon Thompson

HS Bookkeeper

Hello! I'm Mrs. Thompson, I have 15 years of years experience and...

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Ashley Wade

HS Assistant Band Director/General Music

Hello! I'm Mrs. Wade, I'm starting year 13 of teaching and my 7th ...

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Robert Daniel Wade

HS Band Director

Hello! I'm Mr. Wade, I've been in education for 19 years, with 17 years...

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Stephen Walker

Earth Science Instructor/Girls Soccer Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Walker,  

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Marsha Ward

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Ward, I have been teaching for 16 years . This is my 7...

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Melonie Moore Washington

Special Education Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Washington, I have 16 years of teaching experience and...

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Trisha Nicole White

Geometry Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. White, My name is Nicole White. I have worked with the Nesh...

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