Athletic Director

Tommy Holland

Athletic Director

Jonathan Jones

Head Baseball Coach/Asst Athletic Director

Hello! I'm Coach Jones, I have a Total of 23 years experience in educa...

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Patrick Schoolar

Head Football Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Schoolar,

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Zachary Sanders

Head Softball/Head Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Sanders, I have 21 total years of teaching and coaching ex...

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Shannon Ruffin

Asst. FB Coordinator/Head M.S. Girls Basketball/Asst. M.S. Boys Basketball/Asst. H.S. Girls & Boys Basketball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Ruffin, I have been teaching and coaching for 20 year...

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David Huffman

Head MS FB/Asst. HS FB/Asst. Track Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Huffman, I am beginning my 18th year in education. &n...

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Jacob Johnson

Head Boys Powerlifting/Asst. FB Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Johnson, I have 7 years of teaching experience with &...

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Jason Broom

Head Girls BB Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Broom, I have a total of 18 years experience in educa...

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Russell Cruise

Head Boys Basketball/Asst. Track Coach

Hello! I’m Coach Cruise, I have 23 years total experience in education. I am ori...

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Curtis Blackburn

American Government/Psychology/Asst. Football Coach/Track Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Blackburn, Curt Blackburn  I am beginning yea...

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Brian Anderson

Asst. FB/Head Girls Powerlifting Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Anderson, I am entering my 27th year of teaching and ...

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Jason Taylor Petty

Asst. Softball/Asst. Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Petty, I have 12 years of experience as a coach and teacher. I ...

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Kip Fulton

Health Instructor/Asst. Football/Asst. Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Fulton, I have 5 years of teaching experience with 3 years bein...

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Joel Cosgrove

Asst. Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Cosgrove,

Jonathan Walker

Asst. Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Walker, I have 8 total years of teaching experie...

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Joey Blount

Bowling Coach

Hello! I'm Mr. Blount, Joey Blount 32 years in education.  I have been...

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Jared Lee

Soccer Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Lee, I have three years of experience with one substi...

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Tommy McCool

Golf Coach

Hello! I'm Coach McCool,

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Regan Kieff

Cross Country Coach

Hello! I'm Captain Kieff, Captain Kieff was born on 23 April 1975 in Raceland, L...

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Will Stewart

Asst. Cross Country Coach/Asst. Soccer Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Stewart

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