Photo of Brent Pouncey

Brent Pouncey

Athletic Director

Photo of Coach Jonathan Jones

Coach Jonathan Jones

Head Baseball Coach/Asst Athletic Director

Hello! I'm Coach Jones, I am beginning my 26th year in education and w...

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Photo of Coach Zachary Sanders

Coach Zachary Sanders

Head Softball/Head Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Sanders, I am beginning my 24th year of teaching and ...

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Photo of Coach Shannon Ruffin

Coach Shannon Ruffin

Head Football Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Ruffin, I have been teaching and coaching for 21&nbsp...

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Photo of Coach David Huffman

Coach David Huffman

Head MS FB/Asst. HS FB/Asst. Track Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Huffman, I am beginning my 19th year in education. &n...

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Photo of Coach Jacob Johnson

Coach Jacob Johnson

Head Boys Powerlifting/Asst. FB Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Johnson, I am beginning my 9th year of teaching exper...

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Photo of Coach Curtis Blackburn

Coach Curtis Blackburn

Assistant Football Coach/Head Track Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Blackburn, I am beginning year number 5 at Nesho...

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Photo of Coach Jason Broom

Coach Jason Broom

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Broom, I have a total of 21 years experience in educa...

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Photo of Coach Justin Childs

Coach Justin Childs

Head Boys Basketball/Track

Hello, I’m Coach Childs, I am entering my 11th year in education and 16th year in...

Photo of Coach Michael Whitlock

Coach Michael Whitlock

Head MS Girls Basketball/Asst. MS Boys Basketball/Asst. Track

Hello, I am Coach Whitlock. I am entering my thrird year of teaching and coaching at...

Photo of Coach Brett Boland

Coach Brett Boland

Asst. HS Girls Basketball

Photo of Coach Taylor Petty

Coach Taylor Petty

Asst. Softball

Hello! I'm Coach Petty, I have 13 years of experience as a coach and teache...

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Photo of Coach Kip Fulton

Coach Kip Fulton

Asst. Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Fulton, I have 8 years of teaching experience with 6 ...

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Photo of Coach Joel Cosgrove

Coach Joel Cosgrove

Asst. Jr. High Baseball Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Cosgrove,

Photo of Coach Samuel Blaine

Coach Samuel Blaine

Assistant Volleyball/Assistant Softball

I am a 2010 graduate of Independence High School, a 2015 graduate of Ole Miss...

Photo of Mr. Patrick Cook

Mr. Patrick Cook

Asst. Volleyball Coach

Hello! I'm Mr. Cook, I currently have a total of 15 years of experienc...

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Photo of Coach Stephen Walker

Coach Stephen Walker

Head Girls Soccer Coach/Asst. Boys Soccer/Asst. Cross Country

Hello! I'm Coach Walker, I am completing my 6th year overall in educat...

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Photo of Coach Will Stewart

Coach Will Stewart

Head MS Boys Soccer Coach/Asst. HS Girls Soccer/Head Cross Country

Hello! I'm Coach Stewart

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Photo of Coach Adam Shumaker

Coach Adam Shumaker

Special Education Instructor/Assistant Football Coach

Hello! I'm Coach Shumaker, I am a 2017 graduate of Neshoba Central High Sch...

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Photo of Coach Cayman Ruffin

Coach Cayman Ruffin

Middle School P.E./Basketball

Photo of Coach Tanner Jones

Coach Tanner Jones

Science/SS/Baseball Coach

Photo of Dareyl Carter

Dareyl Carter

Asst. HS Football Coach

Photo of Mrs. Nikki Morrow

Mrs. Nikki Morrow

Cheer Coach

Hello! I'm Mrs. Morrow, My name is Nikki Morrow and I will be teaching Coll...

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Photo of Kayla Clark

Kayla Clark

Middle School Cheer Coach

Photo of Ms. Angela Bobo

Ms. Angela Bobo

Math Instructor

Hello! I'm Mrs. Angie Spears Bobo I currently teach Algebra II and Essentia...

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Photo of Shannon Posey

Shannon Posey

Middle School Dance Coach

Photo of Coach Joey Blount

Coach Joey Blount

Head Bowling Coach

Hello! I'm Mr. Blount, Joey Blount 34 years in education.  I have...

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Photo of Coach Tommy McCool

Coach Tommy McCool

Head Golf Coach

Hello! I'm Coach McCool,

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