NCSD Middle School Staff

Photo of Jacob Drury

Jacob Drury

NCMS Principal

Welcome to NCMS! We cannot tell you how thrilled we are to be a part of such a wonde...

Photo of Austin Buchanan

Austin Buchanan

NCMS Assistant Principal

Photo of Paige Brantley

Paige Brantley

TST Coordinator/Curriculum

Photo of Stephanie Cheatham

Stephanie Cheatham

MS Secretary

Photo of Stevee Darbonne

Stevee Darbonne

Records Clerk

Photo of Carly Greenwood

Carly Greenwood

Attendance Clerk

Photo of Haley McFarland

Haley McFarland


Photo of Stephanie Peebles
Photo of Stacie Strickland

Stacie Strickland


Photo of Jared Adcock

Jared Adcock

Science Teacher

Photo of Coach Brady Anderson

Coach Brady Anderson

Middle School P.E./Asst. Football/Powerlifting

Photo of Sierra Belk

Sierra Belk

Special Education Teacher Assistant

Photo of Diane Bester

Diane Bester

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of April Brown

April Brown

Inclusion Teacher

Photo of Corey Byars

Corey Byars

Middle School Art

Photo of Carolyn Calloway

Carolyn Calloway

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Jamie Calvert

Jamie Calvert


Photo of Jessica Cheatham

Jessica Cheatham

Math Teacher

Photo of Jaimee Childs

Jaimee Childs

CSE Teacher

Photo of Amy Copeland

Amy Copeland

Science Teacher

Photo of Pam Dillard

Pam Dillard

Cyber Foundations II

Photo of Debra Drury

Debra Drury

7th/8th Grade Mathematics

Photo of Michael Duke

Michael Duke

Math Teacher

Photo of Angela Fulton

Angela Fulton

Inclusion Teacher

Photo of Kaelin Gentry

Kaelin Gentry

English Teacher

Photo of Erika Gray

Erika Gray

Dyslexia Therapy

Photo of Jennifer Haggard

Jennifer Haggard

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Brian Hancock

Brian Hancock

Science Teacher

Photo of Kimberly Hancock

Kimberly Hancock

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Tonya Hancock

Tonya Hancock

Math Teacher

Photo of Alexandria Harris

Alexandria Harris

Cyber Foundations

Photo of Whestley Harrison

Whestley Harrison

Inclusion Teacher

Photo of Catherine Hicks

Catherine Hicks

6th Grade English

Photo of Ashlyn Irons

Ashlyn Irons

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Paula Jackson

Paula Jackson

Inclusion Teacher

Photo of Ida Mae Lewis

Ida Mae Lewis

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Clover Lilley

Clover Lilley

Cyber Foundations Teacher

Photo of LeAnna Linkins

LeAnna Linkins

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Leslee Long

Leslee Long

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Vickie Madison

Vickie Madison

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Gregory May

Gregory May

Geography Teacher

Photo of Lakisha Morse

Lakisha Morse


Photo of Hailey Myers

Hailey Myers

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Pamela Nowell

Pamela Nowell

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Sandy Pope

Sandy Pope

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Lonnie Pugh

Lonnie Pugh


Photo of Neal Reese

Neal Reese

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Celeste Rhodes

Celeste Rhodes

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Megan Richard

Megan Richard

Math Teacher

Photo of Coach Cayman Ruffin

Coach Cayman Ruffin

Middle School P.E./Basketball

Photo of Patty Savell

Patty Savell

NCMS Cafeteria Manager

Photo of Madison Shepherd

Madison Shepherd

Math Teacher

Photo of Lauren Shumaker

Lauren Shumaker

7th Grade English

Photo of Brandi Smith

Brandi Smith

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Quanta Spencer

Quanta Spencer

Native American Tutor

Photo of Marlee Stewart

Marlee Stewart

Math Teacher

Photo of Reggie Stribling

Reggie Stribling

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Brooke Stuart

Brooke Stuart

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Karleigh Swart

Karleigh Swart

Science Teacher

Photo of Kristian Swearingen

Kristian Swearingen

English Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Barbara Tabb

Barbara Tabb

MS Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Haley Templeton

Haley Templeton

Math Teacher

Photo of Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace

Math Teacher

Photo of Amy Wallace

Amy Wallace

Inclusion Teacher

Photo of Shamar Ward

Shamar Ward


Photo of Cassie White

Cassie White

Math Teacher

Photo of Clare Whitney

Clare Whitney

Cyber Foundations I & II

Photo of Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis

Cafeteria worker

Photo of Cindy Young

Cindy Young

Science Teacher

Photo of Cecily Zaffar

Cecily Zaffar

Inclusion Teacher