NCMS Office & Support Staff

Photo of Jacob Drury

Jacob Drury

NCMS Principal

Welcome to NCMS! We cannot tell you how thrilled we are to be a part of such a wonde...

Photo of Austin Buchanan

Austin Buchanan

NCMS Assistant Principal

Photo of Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson

Attendance Clerk

Photo of Paige Brantley

Paige Brantley

TST Coordinator/Curriculum

Photo of Stephanie Cheatham

Stephanie Cheatham

Book Keeper

Photo of Stevee Darbonne

Stevee Darbonne

Records Clerk

Photo of Haley McFarland

Haley McFarland


Photo of Stephanie Peebles
Photo of Jamie Calvert

Jamie Calvert


Photo of Erika Gray

Erika Gray

Dyslexia Therapy