District Forms & Documents

Folder District and School Handbooks (5 Files)
Download Athletic Handbook
Download Elementary School Handbook
Download Employee Handbook
Download Middle and High School Handbook
Download Pre-K Parent Handbook
Folder School Bullying Documents (3 Files)
Download Bullying Complaint Form
Download Bullying Policy
Download Bullying Witness Form
Folder District Forms (23 Files)
Download Certified Employment Application
Download Considering Becoming A School Board Member?
Download Field Trip Request Form PDF (use when transporting students)
Download Field Trip Request Form Word Doc (use when transporting students)
Download Fixed Asset Aquisition Form
Download Fixed Asset Deletion Form
Download Fixed Asset Donation Form
Download Fixed Assets Deed of Gift Form
Download Fixed Assets Location Change Form
Download Fixed Assets Lost or Stolen Affidavit
Download Fixed Assets Temporary Check Out Form
Download Health Insurance Enrollment Form
Download Maintenance Work Order PDF
Download Maintenance Work Order Word Doc
Download MS tax withholding form
Download NCSD Trip Request Form PDF (use when adults only are traveling)
Download NCSD Trip Request Form Word Doc (use when adults only are traveling)
Download Non Certified Employment Application
Download Professional Services Contract
Download Travel Reimbursement Form
Download W-4 Tax Form (2017)
Download W-9 Form
Download Direct Deposit Form
Folder Informational Documents (3 Files)
Download Cafeteria Plan Information
Download Dropout Prevention Plan 2016-2017
Download Strong Readers Strong Leaders
Folder Scholarships (1 Files)
Download The Citizens Bank Win "A" Scholarship
Folder Job Descriptions (46 Files)
Download Administrative Assistant
Download Assistant Principal Job Description
Download Assistant Superintendent
Download Assistant Teacher
Download Basketball Clock Operator
Download Basketball Statastician
Download Bus Driver
Download Bus Shop
Download Bus Shop Supervisor Job Description
Download Cafeteria Cashier
Download Cafeteria Manager
Download Cafeteria Worker
Download Certified Teacher Job Description
Download Chief Financial Officer Job Desciption
Download Coach Job Description
Download Custodian Job Description
Download Director of Federal Programs Job Description
Download Director of Special Education Job Description
Download Director of Transportation Job Description
Download District Testing Coordinator/Curriculum Coordinator/Tag Coordinator
Download Food Services Administrator Job Description
Download Guidance Counselor Job Description
Download High School Test Coordinator/Athletic Director
Download Homebound Teacher
Download Instructional Interventionist
Download Janitor
Download Librarian Job Description
Download Maintenance Position Job Description
Download Mechanic Job Description
Download MSIS/SAM Coordinator/Parent Resource Center Aide
Download Occupational Therapist Job Description
Download Payroll Clerk/16th Section/ Fixed Assets Job Description
Download Physical Therapist Job Description
Download Principal Job Description
Download Publicity
Download Purchasing/Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description
Download Records Clerk
Download School Bookkeeper
Download School Nurse
Download School Psychometrist Job Description
Download School Secretary Job Desciption
Download School Social Worker Job Description
Download School Technology Technician
Download Special Education Extra Duty
Download Speech Pathologist Job Description
Download Technology Coordinator