Native American Education Committee For NCSD

The purpose of the Native American Education Committee is to address comments and concerns of parents of Native American children regarding the District's educational programs and activities. Parents can voice their concern(s) to any member of the committee to be presented at the meetings. Meeting dates, times, and agendas will be posted prior to meetings, and minutes from the meetings will be posted following the meetings.

Jamie Calvert (Coordinator), Librarian, NCMS,

Deirdre Manning (Coordinator), Federal Programs Director,

Ruby Covarrubias, Native Am. Tutor, NCES

Elizabeth Smith, Native Am. Tutor, NCES

Kimberly Thompson, Parent

Shelia Martin, Parent

Ashton Isaac, Parent

Kendall Grisham, Tribal Representative

Quanta Spencer, Native Am. Tutor, NCMS

Jared Adcock, Teacher, NCMS

Delnita Jones, Parent

Libby Eldridge, Librarian, NCHS

Angela Boatner, Teacher, NCHS

Penny Hill, Asst. Superintendent