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ICT2 Classes Learn about Building Bridges

Mrs. Nikki Morrow’s ICT II classes recently completed a Design Application unit about bridge building. The students used ModelSmart, which is a computer-aided design (CAD) software, to design bridges that they would eventually construct in class. The students transferred their computer model to graph paper and then began the actual building process using Balsa Wood. After the bridges were constructed, the students tested their bridges and compared their result using an engineering efficiency ratio formula. 



Sam Durant, Maxton Woodward, and Sara Purvis prepare to add weight in order to test their bridge

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CTE Teachers Tours PACCAR Plant

Neshoba Central High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) department recently toured PACCAR Industries in Columbus, MS. PACCAR is a leader in global technology and the design, manufacture of premium light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates.

Neshoba Central High School’s curriculum has made a significant change in recent years. According to LaMonica Calloway, CTE Director, students are no longer being taught a narrow set of skills for entry-level jobs; our school is working towards preparing students for careers. Neshoba County School District has dedicated teachers who strive to provide learning experiences that provide students with academic, technical and employability skills.   It is a goal of our school district to provide students with opportunities to acquire the competencies required in today’s workplace by providing experiences that require critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. Teachers participating in industry tours provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to interact with employers and gain insight of the knowledge and skills necessary for today’s job market.

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ICT2 Classes Creates Airplane Algorithms

Mrs. Bates 8th grade ICT2 classes created paper airplane algorithms! In this computer science activity, students learned that an algorithm is a set of written instructions that will produce the same results each time. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is any well-defined computational procedure that takes some value, or set of values, as input and produces some value, or set of values as output." So in everyday language an algorithms are like road maps for accomplishing a given, well-defined task.

Everyday people are using complex algorithms when they check their e-mail or listen to music on their computers. So for our ICT2 students this activity exposed students to some basic ideas related to the analysis of algorithms, and put these into practice with a real world experiment illustrating its importance. 

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Agricultural and Natural Resource Students Tours Weyerhaeuser

Recently, Neshoba Central’s Agricultural students had an opportunity to tour Weyerhaeuser Company which began more than 100 years ago with 900,000 acres of timberland, three employees and a small office in Tacoma, Washington and has grown to become one of the largest sustainable forest products companies in the world. Currently, according to Ms. Torri Williams, Human Resource Manager, Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest private landholders in the United States.

Mr. Derek Huffman, NCHS Agriculture instructor indicates that involvement in an agriculture class and FFA program provides so many more opportunities than most people realize.   Regardless of a students' career path after high school, as part of this program students gain leadership, personal, and technical skills that they will use in their everyday lives.  We strive to not only graduate hard working students from our program, but students that can be work-ready, productive citizens in our community.

As a part of Neshoba Central’s Agricultural and Natural Resources curriculum, students are introduced to applied sciences related to plant and animal production and natural resource conservation and management, as well as introducing students to agribusiness management practices and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Students participate in active learning exercises including integral activities of the FFA organization and supervised learning experiences.  

Ms. LaMonica Calloway, Neshoba County Schools Career and Technical Education Director, indicated that our school district is very appreciative of our student’s having the opportunity to communicate with engineers, and technicians in a real-world setting. A core value of Weyerhaeuser is that the company wants the community to thrive.  A great way for a community to thrive is by educating and mentoring its youth. Not only did students tour the facilities but employees encouraged students to continue their education in technical fields with the potential of future employment in our local industry. Thanks again to Weyerhaeuser for providing an unforgettable experience that has granted real-world experiences which are invaluable in building upon concepts learned in class.

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Engineering Students Tours Weyerhaeuser Company

Neshoba Central High School’s Engineering  students recently toured Weyerhaeuser Company in Philadelphia, MS for a behind the scenes view on how technology impacts the manufacturing process.  A core value of Weyerhaeuser Company is to support the communities where they do business and communicate openly with the public. Those values were demonstrated from its managers, engineers and employees in taking the time to answer students’ questions about how Weyerhaeuser determines the quality of trees and the process for turning those trees into products that are shipped around the world.

Neshoba Central’s Engineering program focuses on pre-engineering prerequisites and robotics for high school students. The purpose of the program is to provide students with expanded knowledge of the use of technological skills and to enable them to solve problems by applying knowledge in a technological context. The program is designed to provide students with hands-on experiences related to the application of engineering concepts in the workplace. Students develop academic and technical skills, 21st century skills, and human relations competencies that accompany technical skills for job success and lifelong learning.

Sedera Anderson, Engineering instructor at Neshoba Central High School, indicated that the tour of Weyerhaeuser was great from an engineering standpoint. As part of the curriculum, an emphasis is put on safety and ethics in the workforce.  The tour of the plant allowed students to not only see all of the different technology and engineering layouts, but also, how safety issues are addressed and applied. The opportunity to view Weyerhaeuser from an engineer’s standpoint was an experience that enhanced her class' desire to become future engineers.

According to LaMonica Calloway, Neshoba County Schools Career and Technical Education Director, our school district values the commitment of Weyerhaeuser to our local community.  As a district, we are very appreciative of our students having the opportunity to communicate with engineers, and technicians in a real-world setting. The tour of Weyerhaeuser is an unforgettable experience that has granted real-world experiences which are invaluable in building upon concepts learned in class.

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FFA Events

What a busy month October has been!  We started off the month with working the MS FFA Children’s Barnyard at the MS State Fair. Our students had the opportunity to work booths that were designed to educate consumers about agriculture and where our food comes from. 

We also elected our 2017-2018 junior FFA officers and we look forward to a great year for these 7th & 8th graders.  During this month we also provided a lunch for all high school faculty and staff to show our appreciation for all they do. 

Rounding out the month we travelled to Indianapolis, IN for the National FFA Convention. We attended the expo and sessions where we had the chance to listen to Laila Ali as a keynote speaker.  During our down time we were able to visit and tour Kelsay Dairy Farms where we learned about the diversity of their agricultural operation.  They provided insight as to how they bottle their milk and sell it to a bottling company.  This farm milks 450 Holstein cows three times per day. They grow around 1200 acres of corn and soybeans which they used to mix their feed for the cattle.  Throughout the year they rotate their cows out in milking stages. 

Our Horse Evaluation Team also competed this week and received a bronze award.  Team members were Kaleb Cumberland, Mara Shelton, Taylor Smith, and Madison Alford.  This was a week full of excitement and the memories made will last a lifetime. 

We are so thankful for our sponsors that helped us reach our goal and go on this trip.  As we get into the fall Thanksgiving season, we as an FFA chapter find ourselves so grateful to those supporters, community members, and business leaders who help make our chapter function.  To finish out the semester we plan to wrap up our projects and finish up all of our fall fundraisers.  Our meat and fruit sale fundraisers were a success.  Our fruit sale will continue to until December 1st with delivery being the week of December 13th.  To place an order, please see any FFA member.  We thank you all for what you do for our chapter and ask for your continued support throughout the rest of the year.  We wish you the best and most prosperous holiday season this year.

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FFA Provides Meals to High School Faculty

Future Farms of America (FFA) mission is that students whose lives are impacted by FFA and agricultural education will achieve academic and personal growth, strengthen American agriculture and provide leadership to build healthy local communities, a strong nation and a sustainable world. 

In keeping with the motto -Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve our FFA members decided as a community service project to provide a meal to the entire Neshoba Central High School Faculty each month. The first meal, FFA members along with its sponsors and parents grilled chicken and hamburgers.  The meal was enjoyed by all.

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