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Indian Education Committee Meeting Minutes from 10/27/17

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Indian Education Committee Meeting

10/27/17 5:30 PM

Location: NCMS Library


The meeting started on time with six people in attendance: Vickey Timmons (IEC Coordinator); Kristen Huffman (NCMS teacher representative); Penny Hill (District Representative); Cody Killen (NCES representative); Lena Tucker (parent of Native American student at NCMS); and Kelly Tubby (parent of Native American student at NCES). Missing were: Terry Ben (parent of Native American students at NCHS and NCES); Marsha Pinter (NCHS teacher representative); Native American tutors Shane York (NCMS) and Deidre Tubby (NCES).


Distributed at the meeting were: a comprehensive list of NCSD Sports, Clubs and Activities; a sample of Native American student participation in 15-16 Sports; updated Impact Aid Survey Form; and updated directions/instructions for Impact Aid Survey Form.


Points made at the meeting include:

1.            Impact Aid is based on where you live/work, not your race/culture.

2.            It is a federal subsidy for the lack of tax-generated funds from residents/jobs on Federal Property.

3.            It is not a guaranteed amount per student or per year - we take whatever the feds give us.

4.            The grant funds are not kept separate, but added to the general fund (similar to tax-generated income) for whatever the district deems most important.

5.            The funds benefit everyone.

6.            Share the info with friends, teachers, co-workers, parents, community members.  Understanding = participation = more funds for District.

7.            Forms sent out Friday 12/1/17 and hope to get back by Monday 12/4/17.  Info from forms will be processed in December; verified by authorities in Housing/Employment in January; and then final numbers submitted to Feds.

NEXT MEETING: February 26, 2018!!

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