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EEF Teacher Procurement Cards

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Please see attached documents for all details needed to apply for and use EEF Teacher Procurement Cards.

See below for Frequently Asked Questions on EEF cards:


                      About the Mississippi EEF Procurement Card Program


An eligible teacher or "Cardholder" may receive a procurement card to provide access to the Education Enhancement Funds as authorized by Mississippi Code §37-61-33(3)(iii) that will be utilized to make financial commitments on behalf of the State and school district. As the only authorized cardholder, Cardholder agrees to accept the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the EEF Procurement Card in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Teacher Cardholder Agreement in effect. The account will have an initial amount available and that amount will decrease as purchases are made.






•      Register your account online at www.commercialcardcenter.com when you receive the card. Log on to your account monthly to review charges.


•     The EEF Procurement card and the account number are unique and registered to you. Please sign the card prior to use.


•     Never allow any other person to use your card or account number. You are responsible for all charges and transactions.



•      Cardholder is responsible for documenting all purchases and transactions. Retain all receipt copies and supporting documentation for at least 5 years. You are required to produce documentation for the annual audit.


•      Always notify vendors in Mississippi that purchases are exempt from state and local taxes by State law. A copy of the exemption letter is available from your business office. (If taxes are charged, obtain credit immediately.)


•      Valid purchases can be made in person, by telephone or online. When ordering online, enter the first name as “Supply” and the last name as “Acct DDDDNNNN”. For example, the first card issued in district 4300, the face of that card will read “Supply Acct 43000001”. Supply is the first name and Acct 43000001 is the last name.


•      This account is for classroom materials only. No personal use is allowed.


•      By signing for and using the EEF procurement card, you agree to abide by the terms of the Teacher Cardholder Agreement and the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.


•      You are responsible for knowing your card balance and not allowing purchases for more than the approved card total.


•      If you leave employment with the district during the school year due to resignation, retirement, or termination, immediately turn in the card to the district Program Coordinator.


·         Back orders are not allowed. (Assure that all commodities are received).


•      Verify all charges have been processed by the vendor by viewing the information on your online account.


•      Do not request cash advances or accept cash refunds.


•      Do not provide your social security number on card purchases.


•      Do not charge travel related expenses on the EEF procurement card. (Any form of travel related expense is not allowed).


•      If the EEF procurement card is lost or stolen, contact the bank immediately at 1-888-494-5141. You should also notify the Program Coordinator in your district.


•      You agree to return the card immediately upon request of the Program Coordinator.


•      You agree to notify the Program Coordinator immediately of any items purchased that may be required to be placed on the district’s fixed asset inventory. Check with the Program Coordinator for a listing of those items.




For lost or stolen cards, call:


For information regarding account, visit:


Or email this address:


Frequently Asked Questions


1.     How do I request a Mississippi EEF Procurement Card? You will be notified by your program coordinator if you are eligible to receive a card.


2.     When do I receive my card? The program coordinator will notify you the card has arrived. You will be required to sign and date the Teacher Cardholder Agreement before your card is issued and you should sign the back of the card immediately.


3.     Who do I notify when transferring from one school to another? When transferring, you must contact the program coordinator for instructions. You may be required to return your existing card. Even if you leave employment with one district and gain employment with another district, you will be responsible for the charges incurred on the card while it was assigned to you.


4.     How do I report a lost or stolen card? You should immediately contact UMB Bank at (888)494-5141 and notify your program coordinator.


5.     How do I cancel a card? Once the available funds are completely used, you may contact the program coordinator for further instructions. Do not destroy the card.


6.     What purchases can I make with my EEF procurement card? For information on allowable purchases, refer to the Teacher Cardholder Agreement.


7.    What is my card limit? The limit of the card changes each year. Contact your program coordinator for the amount. The amount declines with purchases. Use your online account to track your purchases and balance information.


8.     Can I request to have my spending limit increased? No. The limits are established through legislative appropriation for all cards in the state.


9.     How do I dispute a transaction or a fraudulent transaction? Before contacting UMB, you must first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the vendor. If you are unable to reach an agreement with the vendor, submit your dispute via email to: commercial.bankcards@umb.com


10.  What do I do if a vendor charges sales tax to my purchase? You must attempt to resolve the issue directly with the vendor. Be sure to remind the vendor that the purchase is exempt from state sales tax in the State of Mississippi. Provide a copy of the exemption letter from your school district if necessary. Online purchases are typically not exempt of sale tax.


11.  What type of documentation should I retain? It is your responsibility to retain all original receipts, statements, or invoices for all transactions on the EEF procurement card. Any additional documentation you retain to justify the transaction is your choice. Original lesson plans are suggested as supporting documentation of unusual items. To prevent fading of some receipts, scan or copy the items. Keep all items readily available if contacted for an audit.


12. How will I verify my identity if I call the UMB call center? When asked for the last 4 digits of your social security number, you will need to supply your school district id number. None of your personal information has been used in the issuance of the EEF procurement card. Contact your program coordinator for the district id number.


13.  Where can I see detailed transaction information for my EEF procurement card? All transaction data is available via the online account after you register the card at: www.commercialcardcenter.com


14.  How are teachers chosen for audit? A randomly generated number of cards are chosen each year for audit. These cards are then identified by district number and the program coordinator is contacted. The program coordinator is asked to 1) identify and provide the name of the cardholder and a copy of the signed Teacher Cardholder Agreement, 2) and to contact the cardholder requesting all receipts and supporting documentation for purchases.


15.  What happens if I lose my receipts or cannot supply supporting documentation for the purchases? If you lose a receipt, attempt to contact the vendor for an additional copy. If you are unable to supply the necessary items, following the EEF procurement card policies, the following actions may be taken:

1-discontinuation of program eligibility

2-discontinuation of card privileges

3-request for financial restitution of charges

4-other disciplinary action


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