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MS Student Information System (MSIS)

The Mississippi Student Information System (MSIS) was created to comply with the Performance Based Accreditation Model established by the Education Reform Act of 1982.   MSIS was created to capture the data necessary to comply with this state legislation on the accurate reporting of student attendance and personnel at the school level as well as federal requirements for reporting.

MSIS provides for the electronic collection and storage of comprehensive detailed data about teachers, administrators, students (PreK to 12), and school board members. MSIS also allows for the electronic transfer of student records from one school district to another, thus offering a unique student tracking system.  The purpose of this project is to provide an efficient means in which to:

  • support the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) performance-based  accreditation model,
  • support education funding programs,
  • provide timely and accurate reporting of education data (schedules, attendance, grades, transportation, discipline, Vocational, and Special Education) to meet state and federal requirements, and
  • allow for student tracking across the state to determine student mobility trends and to assist in the reduction of the drop-out rate within the state.